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We are ROMA...

Two interior designers
with a passion for
all things beautiful

From food truck to store front


How do two interior designers end up hauling a food truck to wineries on the weekends?

Its simple really...  we saw a need and we filled it. It just so happens that need lined up with a few things we were already passionate about...  Cheese, Wine, People and Our Community.  ROMA Charcuterie Truck went from  our dream world to the real world.  From our first day out, our community reinforced our belief that the Tri-Cities had an elevated palette and wanted what we were bringing.

Making it beautiful... that's just what we do! 


The RO in ROMA...

Roberta, a Southern California Native with Portuguese heritage, now considers herself a Tri-City local after putting down roots over 17 years ago. An interior designer by trade Roberta's passion is all things creative. Using her sense of design and her love of people and entertaining she has a way of elevating the ordinary to extraordinary. Much like Marina, just on a different continent, Roberta grew up watching her mom manage a wedding venue and commercial kitchen. Later she found herself dabbling in the world of catering where she found another creative outlet. Roberta realized food was another medium in her artistic world. She began deconstructing food so she could recreate it better.  She also realized that people taste with their eyes. Hence her beautiful tablescapes.  Charcuterie is nothing new to Roberta... always her meal of choice. 

The MA in ROMA...

Marina was born and raised on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.  After living in Vail , CO for a couple winter seasons and Alaska for a summer, Marina settled in the Tri-Cities over 13 years ago. She has been sharing her design talent along side Roberta for the last 4 years. Marina loves to see the Tri City evolve and grow. She is known for not always taking the easy route but thrives on being forward and thinking out of the ordinary. Marina brings not just an international flair, she brings a level of sophisticated style that comes from her ability to think beyond what is here and now. Growing up watching her mom being extremally successful in her wedding catering business, and having a very diverse base of flavors at the dinner table, understanding flavors and mixing palettes came very easy.  This is how she began her passion for charcuterie boards... mixing design with unique flavors.

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